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1. Xiao Long Bao (Steam Bun)

A special handmade dim sum. Juicy (not oily) with pork.

How to eat: A common way of eating the Xiao Long Bao is to bite the top off, suck all the soup, then dipping it in vinegar with shredded ginger before eating.

2. Shanghai Noodles
Napa cabbage, mushroom and sliced pork stir fried with Shanghai Noodles. A highly recommended dim sum/dish.

3. Vegetable Fried Rice w/ Pork Chop and Egg
A Lunch special. Fried Rice added with pork chop and an boiled egg cooked in special sauce.

4. Chinese Hamburger
Served only on weekends. Baked with sesame cake, layered with beef, green veggie and a special sauce to add flavor.

5. Pig kidney
Tender pig's kidney with onion dressing.

6. Sweet Sesame Cakes
Handmade by using a special recipe from a famous well-known hotel in Shanghai.

***With our 16 years of experience, we bring you/select the best dim sum/dishes menu. Please feel comfortable trying all the items listed on the menu. We guarantee that you will have an enjoyable dinning experience. Click to view the menu.